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Water Safety Products is celebrating 33 years!

Our Humble Beginning

With our family roots deep in the surfing industry, including a history of retail surf shops, surfboard manufacturing and sales representation, around 1980 we began manufacturing a junior swimwear label known as Sea Oats Swimwear.

Wet n’ Wild Orlando, Florida visited our booth at Surf Expo. They asked us if we could make a ladies’ swimsuit for their lifeguards. Their expectations were the suit would be conservative, not see through, and that it would hold up in the harsh environment lifeguards work in 30 hours a week- sun exposure, UV light, chlorine, and sporadic care.

After much research into fabrics and elastics, and the diligent design work of our pattern maker June Jones, we had a beautifully fitting, conservative, fully lined ladies suit for the lifeguard market. Wet n’ Wild loved the product. We had exceeded their expectations and stumbled on a new niche in swimwear - uniforms for professional lifeguards, and they were made in the USA.

The news about our ladies’ suits spread quickly through the growing waterpark/pool market. To complete the need, we began work on a high quality men’s uniform short. The matching uniforms would unite the lifeguards as a team at their facility.

In 1989, after two years of testing and designing our new suits, Water Safety Products, Inc was established.

We are proud to say we continue to make our uniform suits in the USA, with an emphasis on comfort and real-world utility. We continue to develop and improve many products for the lifeguard industry, crafting each item with award winning care to ensure lasting performance.