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Best Mask For Lifeguards Against Coronavirus

Thursday, May 21st, 2020

Here at Water Safety Products we are dedicated to keeping our customers safe and healthy. We have been innovating our company to keep up with the current pandemic, COVID-19. We’ve added new products to our store specifically to help protect our customers and try to provide some peace of mind. You can find all these new items on our website under the Viral Protection tab.

Our most popular items have been our masks. They are an easy, everyday addition to your daily outfit that helps lower the risk of exposure for you and others around you. The CDC suggests wearing face coverings when appropriate for lifeguards here: Parks & Recreational Facilities


Medical Grade Lifeguard Masks

These masks are medical grade, you’ve most likely seen them at your doctor’s or dentist office. For example, we sell surgical style masks as well as viral filtering N95 masks.  Many customers have asked the difference between KN95 and N95; both of these filter 95% viral bacteria but are simply made in different countries. The great benefit for these types of masks is that they are low cost in bulk. However, they are for one time use only which is why they are not suggested for daily use. It is best practice to save these medical masks for emergency response. Some of our most popular options can be found here: Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Disposable Face Masks 10PK           KN95 Respirator Mask (Box of 50)


Reusable Lifeguard Masks

We also have non-medical, reusable washable face masks that will help our environment by cutting down waste and will also cut cost while using masks. These are available in a couple styles. These are ideal for day to day operational use. There are a couple categories to consider for lifeguards.

Ear-loop Lifeguard Masks – Face coverings that support the mask with loops that go behind the ears. These masks are lightweight and come in different types of fabrics. The CDC does not specify a certain material for reusable masks. This leaves it up to personal preference. Some customers will find that they prefer our 100% made in the USA cotton masks. Other customers may like the water appropriate properties of a 100% polyester face mask. Something to consider, for those who work out in the sun, these masks could result in some first time tan lines. We all know a lifeguard that likes to brag about their new tan lines! Also, lifeguards who jump in the water will need to remove this mask immediately which could be tricky and may result in losing it in the water.

4-PLY Cotton Washable Face Masks                    3-PLY Polyester Washable Face Mask 12 pack


Gaiter Face Covering for Lifeguards- Gaiters are made with high stretch materials and are one size fits all. They are sporty, light weight and comfortable for all day protection. The free-form properties of the material allow for the gaiter to form to the wearers face without restriction of shape. Being made of polyester, the fabric dries very quickly which makes them ideal for lifeguards and people working out in the sun. The best part is that they are multi-functional! They can be used as a lifeguard beanie, lifeguard headband, face mask, neck scarf, rally towel, balaclava, wristband, and more. This item comes in Red, Royal, Navy, White, or Grey. We also have a couple more with fun prints. Another benefit is that it can be pulled down with ease for drinking or jumping in the water.

Lifeguard Uniform Multi-Functional Uniform Gaiter     Smiling Inside Limited Edition Multi-Functional Gaiter


*WARNING* Never wear a mask or face covering on your face when in the water! You can not breathe if you are wearing a mask in the water.


The Water Safety Products family is very happy that we are able to provide these masks along with other Viral Protection items. Our customer’s safety and well being is our #1 priority. Please visit our website to purchase these masks and to check out more brand new products we have in stock to help you be prepared for this upcoming season.