Product Spotlight: Lifeguard Rescue Tube Jacket- 705

Attention Lifeguards, aquatics supervisors, and Operations managers! Our Rescue Tube Jacket, SKU 705, is a modern solution to rescue tube wear and tear. This product is an exclusive item from Water Safety Products and is a major improvement on previous lifeguard rescue tube jackets. Whether your tubes are old or new, this jacket will slip over any 50” Water Safety Products lifeguard rescue tube to protect it from wear and tear such as scratching, ripping, and sun exposure, helping you get the most value for your money.

You can even use them to provide your lifeguards with a little more color, without having to buy brand new tubes. Our lifeguard rescue tube jacket can make any older tube look sharp.  It simply slides over the tube and fits snugly, giving the tube a professional look. The 705 also has some stellar technical features that your lifeguards will love. The new durable fabric offers increased grip to limit slipping when in a rescue. These jackets also have mesh top and bottom panels, allowing water to drain and the jacket to dry more quickly.

Compatible with the following tubes:

  • 710 WSP Premium 50″ Colored Lifeguard Rescue Tube
  • 710E WSP Economy Lifeguard Rescue Tube
  • 708 50″ WSP Nylon Mesh Lifeguard Rescue Tube

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