Beverage Coolers & Accessories

Beverage coolers are the perfect solution to keeping your lifeguards hydrated. Choose from custom Igloo beverage coolers to promote your facility, or the traditional 5 gallon beverage coolers, which also provide tips on beating the heat.

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Custom Igloo Beverage Cooler

SKU: 48167

Price: $75.86

Quantity Pricing:

12-24$74.25$1.61 Off
25-49$71.75$4.11 Off
50-99$71.37$4.49 Off
100+$69.99$5.87 Off

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Igloo 5 Gallon Water Cooler

SKU: 48153

Price: $58.00

Quantity Pricing:

12-24$53.00$5.00 Off
25-49$49.00$9.00 Off
50-99$46.00$12.00 Off
100+$45.00$13.00 Off