Children's XS Life Jacket (21"-23")

Children's XS Life Jacket (21"-23")Children's XS Life Jacket (21"-23")Children's XS Life Jacket (21"-23")

Children's XS Life Jacket (21"-23")

This Super Soft Children's Extra Small Life Jacket (21"-23") includes a leg strap for added security and is for children under 50 lbs. All Super Soft life jackets are soft, durable, vinyl-covered Ensolite foam with side release buckles.  Made in the USA.

  • Soft, durable, comfortable, easy-to-clean, vinyl-coated, closed-cell foam jackets for the entire family.
  • Features automatic slot-back size adjustment and Kwik-Snap buckles.
  • Bulk life jackets should be purchased in multiples of 2. Pricing listed below is per piece.
  • Children's XS has adjustable leg strap for extra safety.
  • Available in Yellow #0512, Marina Blue #0528 and Key Lime#0539.
  • Private label screening available on orders over 144 pieces; you supply black and white art. There is a one-time setup charge of $50 per screen (2 screens required if order includes both child and adult sizes). Toddler jackets are fabric and cannot be screened. Logo charge $1.50 per vest.
  • Custom colors are available. Minimum order of 100 pieces per color. Custom color orders require a 6 week lead time and 100 piece minimum order. Custom color surcharge will apply.
  • Coast Guard approved imprint inside jacket is now available in Spanish, along with a Spanish language guide book. This is considered a custom order.

 ** When ordering bulk quanities of this item (6 or more), shipping will not be calculated. After receipt of your order we will research the best freight cost for your item, and it will be added to final invoice. **


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Our Price: $45.00

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6-71$35.00$10.00 Off
72+$31.50$13.50 Off

0512 Yellow
0539 Lime Green
0528 Marina Blue
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Our Price: $45.00

Quantity Pricing:

6-71$35.00$10.00 Off
72+$31.50$13.50 Off
How to select the right PFD Life Jacket


To reduce the risk of drowning, read the information 1 in the tag,
2 in the label on your Personal Floatation Device (PFD)

Select the right PFD (life jacket) for your child!

When choosing a PFD for your child, understand that different types of PFD’s have different strengths and limitations, including:



Use Conditions

Type I PFD

Unless a hybrid*, more bulky and less comfortable than either Type II or Type III PFD (life jackets)

Type I PFD’s have the greatest ability to turn a child “face-up”.


Typically comfortable, but more bulky than Type III PFD (life jackets)

Type II PFD’s will turn only some children to a “face-up” position.


Least bulky and most comfortable for continuous wear

Type III PFD’s are NOT designed to turn a child “face-up” in the water.  They provide good support to children with some swimming skills.

Type V PFD

May be a substitute for a Type I, II or III (as marked on the PFD label)

Examples are Type V swimwear PFD’s with Type III performance that provide enhanced wearability.

*Hybrid devices may combine improved comfort with enhanced in-water performance

A “face-up” position is one where the child is floating calmly on his/her back with arms and legs in the water and head back, face up, with face out of the water.  The ability of a PFD (life jacket) to turn a child “face-up” is affected by:

  • Your child’s height and weight distribution
  • The type of PFD you select
  • The ability of your child to remain calm in the water
  • The ability of your conscious child to turn himself/herself face-up

Make sure your child’s PFD (life jacket) fits properly!

Select a PFD that fits your child based on his/her weight plus any other sizing on the PFD, such as chest size.  Make sure your child’s weight is within the range marked on the PFD. The PFD should fit snugly, but not too tightly.  Do not buy a PFD (life jacket) that your child will “grow into.”

Have your child try the PDF and test its fit by lifting the child up by the shoulders of the PFD. The PFD is too large if it slips over the child’s chin or ears.  Always use leg straps, if provided, to keep PFD securely in place.





Less than 30 lbs (40 kg)

16”-20” (41-51cm)


30 to 50 lbs (14-23 kg)

20”-25” (51-64 cm)


50 to 90 lbs (23-41 kg)

26”-29” (66-74cm)


Suggested size breakdown for a 144piece order:

Resort Life Jackets ‐Vinylcovered foam

USCG Type III (Infant is USCG Type II) Resort life jackets are packaged 2 per carton and must be ordered in multiples of 2.

Child Toddler (with head pillow) 10
  Extra Small 32
  Small 50
  Medium 24
Adult Extra Small 8
  Small 6
  Medium 4
  Large 4
  Extra Large 4
  XX Large 2



Life Jacket Cleaning

In the pool and waterpark industry, life jackets are used in chlorinated water, which innately kills germs.
They can be washed as needed; but most importantly, after each use life jackets should be hung to dry
completely. Hanging the life jackets is very important to retard the formation of mildew. The life jackets
can be cleaned if needed with a solution of 1 T. chlorine bleach per gallon of clean water. A large
container, such as a 55‐gallon drum, works best to clean a large quantity of life jackets.

Life jacket racks are commonly used, for visibility in the park and longevity of the life jacket. The rack is
typically a 3‐ or 4‐tier structure with dowels to hang the life jackets. The smaller sizes are placed on the
bottom tiers where they are easily accessible to children, with adult sizes on the upper tiers.

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