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Lifeguards Without Borders Apparel

Friday, June 27th, 2014


Have you heard of Lifeguards Without Borders (LWB)? They are a non-profit organization composed of health care professionals and lifeguards who are devoted to doing their part to reduce drowning through domestic and international training programs, development, and research. This band of of lifeguards is guardcore, having conducted trainings in more than 8 countries!

Due to popular demand, Water Safety Products has teamed up with LWB to create a line of lifeguard apparel and accessories for the organization. Visit our website and see our unique collection of Lifeguards Without Borders Apparel, Hats, Shirts, and Gear. A portion of the proceeds from each item sold is passed to Lifeguards Without Borders, so grab a shirt today! It’s a great way for you to show your support.

Guard on Lifeguards Without Borders!

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Learn to Swim | Swim Lessons Save Lives

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

Teaching your child to swim? At Water Safety Products we firmly believe that swim lessons save lives!  Here is an interesting article on the topic:


Teaching a child to swim at a young age can be a vital life tool. The above article explains the “self-rescue” technique. This technique, along with many other swimming skills, could save your child’s life. Other lifesaving tools include the following:

Life Jackets: Our WSP online lifeguard store offers a variety of life jackets, from toddler to adult sizes. We suggest the Super Soft Swim Vest life jackets for both children and adults. These jackets are soft and comfortable, as well as durable. Sticking with this brand will ensure that your jacket lasts the longest. These life jackets also feature a strap between the legs for the smaller swimmers who need extra support.

Swimming books: Books about swimming and and large bodies of water allow parents to teach their children about safe swimming in a personal way. Remind them at reading time, while you have their attention, to make sure they always use their life jacket and never swim alone or without supervision. Examples such as Dr. Seuss Wish for a Fish All about Sea Creatures Hardcover  can make learning about water safety fun!

Never swim alone: No matter how skilled, a child should never swim alone or without supervision. It may be tempting to lounge by the pool or take a minute for yourself and catch up on your news feed, but remember – drowning can happen in an instant! Even if lifeguards are present, they may not see your child before you do. Don’t take the risk! Post signs at your facility, such as the Watch Your Children Sign, to help emphasize this point.

Floating Swim Toys: Swim toys such as Wacky Noodles and Kick Boards are great tools for learning to swim because they provide extra flotation. They can be used in a number of games and exercise techniques to make swimmers stronger.

Swim Goggles: Swim goggles and Swim Masks make it easier to see under water. Although some children may at first be timid about going underwater, being able to see will help keep them calm and make the experience even more fun!

Remember – teaching your child to swim can save their life! Make learning to swim a fun and memorable experience with a combination of the techniques and products discussed above.

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What is a WILD FOX Custom whistle?

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014


WILD FOX Custom whistles are an exclusive item for the 2014 Water Safety Products online lifeguard store! Each WILD FOX whistle is created by combining a Fox 40 Classic whistle with a permanent hand made color treatment. With designs such as Tie Dye Splash, Rasta, and Rainbow, these custom whistles are a great way to add some fun to your lifeguard uniform or motivate lifeguards as an incentive.

Want something really unique? Keep an eye out for other limited edition colors and designs for holidays! How about a completely custom whistle? We can create custom designs in bags of 60! Just call us at 1-800-987-7238 x 4 and let us know what you would like (please allow a 5-10 day lead time for custom orders). Also keep an eye out for other limited WILD FOX Custom items, such as Lifeguard sunglasses!


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Note: Wild Fox colors are bright, vibrant, and made with a permanent color treatment! No paint here, so it won’t chip! However, excessive sun or chemical exposure may result in fading over time. Avoid wearing your whistle over white shirts until the whistle has been thoroughly rinsed and dried 3 or more times.