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Whats New for 2015 | Lifeguard Swimsuits, Masks & More!

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

2014 has been a busy year here at WSP!  We’ve been serving lifeguards and aquatics facilities around the world, in addition to creating new, innovative products for the 2015 season. The New Year will bring unique uniform options from head to toe, including rescue breathing masks and lifeguard footwear. Here are some of the new key items to watch for:

BigEasy® Mask & Belt Pack Combo

BigEasy® Rescue Breathing Mask Kit: The BigEasy® Rescue Breathing Mask is probably our most anticipated product for 2015. Similar to the industry favorite SealEasy mask, the BigEasy® is a circular cushioned mask for rescue breathing and CPR. The primary benefits include an elevated perimeter for additional grip, increased density bladder for durability, and one-way valve with built-in O2 port for administering supplemental oxygen.

The SealEasy Rescue Breathing mask made a tremendous impact on the lifeguard industry as the only rescue breathing mask that could create a perfect seal for in-water rescue breathing. However, the SealEasy was discontinued by the manufacturer, and thus WSP designed the BigEasy® Rescue Breathing Mask to exceed the performance of the SealEasy Mask. BigEasy® Rescue Breathing Mask is expected to be available for delivery in early spring of 2015, once the FDA has approved the product. Keep an eye on SKU 170 for the latest information on this product.

Related SKUs: 170, 170-210B

L/S Chlorine Resistant Lifeguard Rash Guard

Chlorine Resistant Rash Guards: Rash Guards are a popular lifeguard uniform item, offering protection from the sun and a secure fit in the water. However, rash guards containing Lycra can break down over time, which is why we now offer the Chlorine Resistant Lifeguard Rash Guard. Designed by Water Safety Products with aquatics professionals in mind, the textured 52% polyester and 48% PBT fabric gives this lifeguard shirt a soft finish, professional appearance, and natural stretch. This product is available in long and short sleeve and can also be customized.

Related SKUs: 901PL, 901PS, 901PL-CUSTOM, 901PS-CUSTOM

DrainEasy® Lifeguard Fanny Pack

Hip pack with drainage: The Lifeguard fanny pack hasn’t changed much over time. There have been additions to hold water bottles, along with various fabric changes, but this item is basically unchanged. The lifeguard hip pack has served its function — holding small first aid supplies and personal items – with few challenges. But we noticed that most lifeguard fanny packs require a significant amount of time to dry. Thus we designed the Drain Easy® Lifeguard Fanny Pack, featuring integrated drainage throughout. This allows additional air flow; and if submerged, allows reduced weight and drying time. Keep an eye out, this product will be ready for spring orders.

Related SKUs: 207HLS, 207HS

Men's Stretch Lifeguard Boardshort

Stretch board shorts for lifeguards: We are seeing an increased demand for technical fabrics and personalized fits. The Stretch Lifeguard Board short is our first ever fixed waist lifeguard swimsuit. Made by Water Safety Products in the USA, our Lifeguard Stretch Board Short is constructed of a robust 4-way Polystretch fabric that offers outstanding agility. This product will be available this spring.

Related SKUs: 928 and 926

CrossKixx Unisex EVA Water ShoeThe Ultra II Vivo Barefoot Men's Shoes

Lifeguard footwear: Outfitting lifeguards with appropriate uniform footwear is a growing trend in our industry. This year we tested a variety of water shoes and found what we believe are the best on the market. Check our water shoes section to see the newest footwear.

Relevant Category: Water Shoes