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Understanding Lifeguard Equipment

Friday, May 29th, 2015


The Water Safety Products online store for lifeguards offers a wide variety of lifeguard gear to choose from, making it a one-stop shop for all of your lifeguard needs. This list should give you an idea of what you can find in our lifeguard equipment category.

Whistles: Lifeguard whistles are the primary form of communication between lifeguards and guests making them a must have for any lifeguard Uniform. Here at WSP we only offer trusted brands of whistles such as Fox 40 and STORM. All of our whistles are also Pea-less making it possible to use them even if they are wet!

Lanyards: Lifeguard lanyards can be used for a number of things. Most often, they are used to hold a lifeguard’s whistle and/ or name tag. We offer 2 styles: breakaway, and non-breakaway. Breakaway lanyards disengage if pulled, making them the safest option. However, you can also choose non-breakaway lanyards such as the 400M if you need a lower price lifeguard whistle lanyard.

Hip Packs, Back Packs, & Bags: Use any of our Hip Packs, Back Packs, & Bags to store your equipment and supplies. The most popular lifeguard bag is the lifeguard fanny pack offering quick and easy access to first aid supplies.

Sun Protection Products: This category includes items used to protect your skin from the sun. This includes trusted brands of lifeguard sunscreen such as ocean potion sunscreen and rocky mountain sunscreen as well as sun protective clothing. As a tip we would suggest buying your sunscreen in gallons 237G with a wall bracket 104B decreasing loss and wastage of sunscreen.

Rescue Breathing Masks/ Barrier: This category includes all items used for protection while performing CPR or rescue breathing. We offer a variety FDA approved rescue breathing masks and CPR masks such as the BigEasy and Laerdal CPR masks as well as simple solutions such as microshields.

Gloves and Accessories: Lifeguards use gloves frequently when administering first aid. Protect yourself and patrons with lifeguard gloves such as latex and nitrile gloves.

Waterproof Bags: water-resistant bags are used to protect mobile devices, phones, tablets, lifeguard radios, and small personal items. We offer the brand Drypak, known for high quality waterproof phone bags and lifeguard radio bags.

Water Bottles & Towels: Staying hydrated is vital to keep lifeguard vigilant and safe. There are a number of styles and price points to choose from. You can also find lifeguard towels in this category.

Polarized Sun Glasses: Most lifeguards choose polarized sunglasses. Polarized lifeguard sunglasses reduce 99.9% of glare, increasing the user’s ability to see into the water. Polarized sunglasses are also the healthiest type of lens for your eyes.

Swim Mask, Fins, & Ear Plugs: Swim masks, swim fins, and swim ear plugs can be used to in-service trainings, swim programs, and the similar.

Looking for something else? Browse our other categories, such as: Whats New, Uniforms, Rescue Equipment, Facility Equipment, Training Equipment, Incentives and Programs, and Maintenance Solutions.

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CrossKix X Water Safety Products | Retail Water Park | Water Shoes

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Looking for the perfect water shoe for your water park retail shop? Consider the CK1 CrossKix Water shoe. As a distributor for CrossKix, WSP can offer uniform water shoes to operational teams such as Ops, Food and Beverage, Admissions, Guest services, Management, as well as Water shoes for the retail souvenir shop! The best part is that you can get an even better price if you buy for both uniforms and retail!


Congratulations to Elitch Gardens, in Denver Colorado for being the first water park to offer CrossKix in their retail stores! Here is a great picture of their colorful display. You could be next! Call WSP at 1-800-987-7238 ext 4 if your interested in our coordinated Retail x Operations program.


Feel free to browse the Water Safety Products lifeguard store online for more great lifeguard and water park products like the CK1 Water Shoe.

Click here to get your own pair of CK1 water shoes: