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Lifeguard Tips | Lifeguard Whistle Incentive Program

Monday, August 24th, 2015

Lifeguard Whistles and Hip Pack Water Safety Products

The lifeguard whistle program is a easy to implement incentive plan that excites, motivates, and empowers lifeguards. In essence, whistles of a specific color are awarded to staff based on various criteria and achievements. Our friends at Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay have given us permission to share their rules for such a program. Feel free to use these rules, or create your own rules to create a similar program.

The following are assigned based on tenure:

  • Yellow – Training (or Replacement of lost whistle)
  • Green – First Year Lifeguard
  • Red – Returning Lifeguard
  • Blue – Leadership Lifeguard

The following are awarded based on various service:

  • Black – First rescue of the season
  • White – Three rescues in one day (Hat Trick)
  • Neon Green – Work two of the four summer holidays (Memorial, Fathers, 4th of July, Labor Day)
  • Neon Yellow – Receives an “Exceed” rating on an audit
  • Orange – Positive guest comment (formal documentation from guest)
  • Gold – 300 hours of service for the summer
  • Pink – Provided service in a major incident
  • Purple – Assistant Manager Award (given at discretion of Assistant Manager)
  • Silver – Manager Award (given at discretion of Manager)

Lifeguard Whistle Incntive Water Safety Products

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