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Stay in the Shade with Our New Tilt the Pole® Umbrella!

Friday, February 3rd, 2017

Water Safety Products is excited to introduce our newest umbrella technology- Lifeguard Umbrella with Adjustable Tilt the Pole® Included. Unlike traditional tilting umbrellas, the Tilt the Pole® is constructed with heavy-duty materials to withstand the elements- even up to 50 MPH winds. The Tilt the Pole® mechanism is made of durable industrial aluminum.  It is also exceptionally user-friendly. Simply push a knob to tilt the pole at an angle of either 0°, 15°, or 30°, then pull the knob to lock. Not only can you tilt the umbrella to the desired angle, you can also rotate the umbrella to one of 8 different locked positions, ensuring that you stay in the shade all day.

The umbrella itself has a diameter of 7.5’ and is made of marine-grade acrylic fabric with UPF 80+ protection. There are also a number of different customizable options to choose from, whether it be the color or size of the umbrella canopy, the color of the pole, or even putting your custom logo on the umbrella panels.
Be sure to check out our Tilt the Pole® Umbrella here and keep cool this coming summer!


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