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BigEasy® CPR Mask | Best In Class

Monday, April 17th, 2017

BigEasy in water

COLOR: RED-er Than Ever

The BigEasy® is better than ever, featuring a red-accented cap for the O2 port and a red ring on the inflation valve, making it easier to identify these critical components. The body is crystal clear, enabling the rescuer to see foreign matter (e.g. blood, vomit) as required.

o2 port

SPEED: Integrated O2 Port

Every BigEasy® Rescue Breathing Mask also includes an integrated O2 port, assuring the quickest possible hookup and delivery of oxygen.

BigEasy pull

STRENGTH: Impact Tolerant

The new and improved 2017 BigEasy® CPR Mask is constructed from an impact-resistant material, making it a much sturdier and impact-tolerant rescue breathing mask.

BigEasy perimeter 2

GRIP: No-Slip!

The BigEasy® Pocket Mask bladder features a soft vinyl finish with textured logos and raised outer perimeter to ensure a no-slip grip.

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