Play to Win! Egg Hunt 2014


When: April 11th through 22nd!

How to play: Join our online egg hunt! Visit’s lifeguard shop April 11th through 22nd and begin your hunt. There will be Easter eggs scattered all over the website, think you can find one?

1.Find an egg like this somewhere on the website   green egg small

2. Add the egg to your shopping cart.

3. Add any other items you would like to purchase  to your cart.

4. Checkout (make sure you have at least 1 egg added to your shopping cart)

5. Win a prize.

Terms and conditions: A $20 minimum purchase is required to win your prize. Also, finding more than 1 egg may be fun, but will not necessarily yield additional prizes.

Good luck!

Click here to visit the Water Safety Products, lifeguard store.


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