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watch your children

Summer is upon us and it is time to enjoy some fun in the sun! In doing so it is vital that parents remember to WATCH YOUR CHILDREN while they are splashing around! Here are some simple rules that will keep your children (or the guests in your facility) safe.


  1. Watch your children: Parents must always watch their children, even if a lifeguard is present! Although parents may want to take a minute to relax, snooze, or catch up on their favorite book.
  2. Wear a life jacket: A life vest or life jacket is suggested even for children who are strong swimmers. Note that a Jacket is only effect if it fits appropriately.
  3. Swim near lifeguards: Be sure to swim in areas where a lifeguard is stationed. However, remember that lifeguards are not babysitters. You must still watch your children.


  • Drowning is the primary cause of accidental deaths in children under 4.
  • Drowning is the second leading cause of death in children.
  • Most rescues occur to children 12 years of age of less.
  • Most drownings occur in 5 feet of water or less .
  • Research shows that many drownings occur with the parent close by.
  • Drowning happens quickly. Even less than a minute.

Want to spread the message? Click this link for the Watch Your Children sign that you can post in your facility! http://www.watersafety.com/store/facility-equipment/watch-your-children-sign.html 

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