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Lifeguard Article Review | Men’s Health

Friday, July 11th, 2014


Browsing through the August 2014 Men’s Health Magazine, the WSP team stumbled upon a powerful article about aquatic safety! “In Over Our Heads” tells the story of a young man, Ravi Thackurdeen, who lost his life in the treacherous unguarded waters of Playa Tortuga in Costa Rica. Sadly, this story, like many others, shows how dangerous water can be, but also serves as a strong reminder of the necessity of being water aware.┬á The article also covers many of the important factors of aquatics safety, such as gender statistics, alcohol influence, rip current swimming strategy, rescue techniques, the importance of swimming with a lifeguard in sight, shallow water blackout, stages of drowning, and so much more. Kudos to Men’s Heath for doing their research and understanding the importance of water safety!

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