Top 10 Reasons to Love WSP

Are you looking for a supplier of commercial lifeguard equipment and uniforms? Maybe you are already one of our customers and want to know more about us? Here are the top 10 reasons why you will love working with Water Safety Products!

1. Personalized Pricing: Every facility has different needs.  We’re ready to fulfill them!  Our online store for lifeguards will show you how ordering more means paying less with our quantity pricing.  Need a quote; looking for a better price? Just give us a call at 1-800-987-7238, ext. 4.

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2. One stop lifeguard shop: Many of our customers choose Water Safety Products’ online lifeguard store because we’re a simple, one-stop shop for all of your lifeguard outfitting needs. Reduce the complexity of your buying process by purchasing all your equipment and uniforms from one place. We offer a wide array of lifeguard uniforms and swimsuits, lifeguard equipment, rescue equipment, facility equipment, and lifeguard training equipment. Safety items such as learn to swim tools and toys; lifeguard incentives; and exclusive specialty programs such as Lifeguards for a Cure, World’s Largest Swim Lesson, and Note & Float are also available.  We also offer a variety of maintenance solutions for retrofit and new installations such as staircases, docking, decking and more. Anything is possible! Even if you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website or in our catalog give us a call and we will help.

3. Over 25 years of experience: Water Safety Products has been providing lifeguard uniforms and equipment for over 25 years. We first began in the 80’s as a designer junior swimwear manufacturer and after a single request (Can you do this for me?) we added lifeguard swimsuits for ladies into our line for the pool and waterpark industry. Word of mouth spread about our durable swimsuits and trusted, dependable service. Since 1989 we have dedicated our efforts to producing premium lifeguard equipment, bathing suits, and uniforms. Our longstanding expertise in swimsuit manufacturing gives us the knowledge to help you find the best outfitting solutions for your facility.

4. Friendly and professional staff: If you have ever worked with one of our WSP associates, you know how committed we are to the industry and you. We do our best to make the buying process as easy and effective as possible for our purchasing guests.

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5. Built tough/ Made in the USA: All of our lifeguard swimsuits are made in the USA from the highest quality American fabrics. The result is a long-lasting, professional lifeguard swimsuit and an immediate turn around on your order. It also gives us the ability to create completely custom lifeguard bathing suits/swimsuits for your facility.

6. Quick service/ Efficiency: No one can create lifeguard uniforms faster than Water Safety Products!  There’s no need to wait for more swimsuits to arrive.  They are already in our warehouse waiting for your order. Most orders will ship within 48 hours or faster!

7. Customization: Customizing lifeguard bathing suits is one of our specialties.  All of our swimsuits are logo-free so you can add your company’s logo without a hassle.  We also create swimsuits for photographers, food staff, service colleagues and even local car wash teams.  If you want your brand, you get it!

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8. Need just one more:  How frustrating is it when you need just one more uniform, but your supplier needs you to order a minimum quantity to give you the same price, or worse they don’t have just one more in stock? At the Water Safety Products store for lifeguards you will get your established quantity price when you need just one more. Same price, same color, same logo!

9. Timeless consistent style: Lifeguard styles are timeless, and so are our uniforms.  We buy our own fabrics and manufacture our own suits, so our colors and styles are consistent from year to year.  Don’t worry about having to change your outfit for next season, or find another supplier. We stock a consistent product you can add to your inventory at any time, from one season to the next.

10. Innovation and commitment: Our philosophy of consistent innovation to help lifeguards save lives sets us apart from our competitors.  We don’t just supply swimsuits, we create because of our commitment to the commercial aquatic lifeguard market.  Our philosophy has been rewarded throughout the years with these industry awards:

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-2010-WWA – Industry Leadership Award Suppliers
-2011-WWA – Industry Innovation Award
-2001-IAAPA – Best New Products Equipment and Supplies, First Place
-1999-IAAPA – Best New Products Equipment and Supplies, First Place
-1999-IAAPA – Impact Award

We also are actively involved with initiatives and groups that help the aquatic community locally, nationally, and internationally, including:
-Local initiatives
-World Waterpark Association
-World’s Largest Swim Lesson
-Note and Float
-Breast Cancer awareness

To find out more about the Water Safety Products store for lifeguards, visit our website and start exploring today:

We look forward to working with you!

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