Water Safety Products | Today Show

The leading online store for Lifeguards, Water Safety Products, was spotted on the Today Show! Products you may have seen include our Lifeguard Rescue Tubes,  Yellow and red lifeguard shirt, Lifeguard Lanyard, Lifeguard Fanny Pack, Puddle Jumpers, Toddler Life Jacket, Super Soft Life Jackets, and Beach Warning Flags Sign. Watch the video to see some information about the importance of learning to swim and how to combat in-water challenges. Stay safe this summer with life vests and Rescue Tubes from Water Safety Products!

Photo: Guess who's lifeguard rescue tubes debuted on the Today show! http://www.today.com/health/prevent-drowning-dont-swim-without-summer-safety-checklist-1D79864775

Watch the show here: http://www.today.com/health/prevent-drowning-dont-swim-without-summer-safety-checklist-1D79864775 .

To see the WSP online store for lifeguards click here.

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