Wet ‘n Wild Orlando

Wet ‘n Wild’s Last Splash Reunion is coming up on November 12th in Orlando, FL. It’s hard not to reflect on Water Safety Products’ nearly 30 years of business with America’s longest-operating waterpark.


It all started in 1987. George and Paula Panton were manufacturing junior ladies’ swimwear for the specialty retail and surf markets. They exhibited at Surf Expo that year, and representatives from Wet ‘n Wild visited their booth. Wet ‘n Wild needed a ladies’ swimsuit for their lifeguards – a suit that would not be revealing or see-through, and would be durable enough to withstand a harsh pool environment for 40 hours a week. After exhaustive fabric research and design work, Paula and George realized they had a winner – a winner with a bonus. Wet ‘n Wild could purchase their suits directly from the manufacturer (Paula and George) at wholesale cost; and the suits were made in the US!


Wet ‘n Wild loved the ladies’ suit. It was fully lined front and back, conservative but sturdy and attractive. Paula and George realized they had met a much sought-after need and had stumbled upon a new niche in swimwear. They created a men’s lifeguard suit, and began manufacturing high-quality men’s uniforms to match the ladies’. Thus, a new company was born – Water Safety Products.


Without Wet ‘n Wild reaching out to George and Paula, and their willingness to try something new, there might not be a Water Safety Products. Water Safety continued to grow, and to develop new and innovative lifeguard equipment and uniforms; and has thus become a well-known and respected brand in the US and international lifeguard markets.


Thank you, Wet ‘n Wild, for your business and for all the friendships we have developed over the past 29 years!

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