What is a WILD FOX Custom whistle?


WILD FOX Custom whistles are an exclusive item for the 2014 Water Safety Products online lifeguard store! Each WILD FOX whistle is created by combining a Fox 40 Classic whistle with a permanent hand made color treatment. With designs such as Tie Dye Splash, Rasta, and Rainbow, these custom whistles are a great way to add some fun to your lifeguard uniform or motivate lifeguards as an incentive.

Want something really unique? Keep an eye out for other limited edition colors and designs for holidays! How about a completely custom whistle? We can create custom designs in bags of 60! Just call us at 1-800-987-7238 x 4 and let us know what you would like (please allow a 5-10 day lead time for custom orders). Also keep an eye out for other limited WILD FOX Custom items, such as Lifeguard sunglasses!


Click here to browse our WILD FOX Custom Whistles: http://www.watersafety.com/store/basic-equipment/whistles-1.html

Click here to visit the Water Safety Products online lifeguard store to learn more about all our lifeguard swimsuits, lifeguard whistles, and other lifeguard equipment: http://www.watersafety.com/

Note: Wild Fox colors are bright, vibrant, and made with a permanent color treatment! No paint here, so it won’t chip! However, excessive sun or chemical exposure may result in fading over time. Avoid wearing your whistle over white shirts until the whistle has been thoroughly rinsed and dried 3 or more times.

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