Laerdal Little Anne with QCPR feedback 4-pack

Laerdal Little Anne with QCPR feedback 4-pack

Laerdal Little Anne with QCPR feedback 4-pack

Providing feedback based on just watching students perform can be challenging for instructors. The next generation of our Little Anne® manikin includes QCPR measurement and feedback technology that takes the guesswork out of instruction—all from the palm of your hand. Little Anne QCPR works with an Instructor app that allows you to monitor and coach up to six students at once, and a Learner app that lets students monitor their own performance. Little Anne QCPR helps instructors improve CPR training quality and efficiency in their courses, while adding a fun and engaging element for students that promotes learning and motivation. Little Anne® QCPR is still the same durable, lightweight manikin as the original Little Anne, but now includes QCPR technology that provides.

  • Real-time feedback on compressions and ventilations
  • Meets 2019 AHA feedback requirements
  • A summary with an overall score and improvement suggestion
  • Details on compression release, depth and rate, ventilation volume, number of compressions/ventilations/cycles
  • Realistic anatomical landmarks
  • Lightweight design makes Little Anne easy to transport
  • Oral and nasal passages allow realistic nose pinch required for mouth-to-nose ventilation
  • Natural obstruction of the airway allows students to learn the important technique of opening the airway
  • Head tilt/chin lift and jaw thrust allow students to correctly practice all maneuvers necessary when resuscitating a real victim
  • Audible feedback reinforces correct compression depth. An optional “clicker” feature signals the correct compression depth
  • Economical disposable airways for quick and easy clean-up
  • Removable and reusable faces for convenient and affordable maintenance
  • Latex free
  • 4 Individual Little Anne Manikins 4 Individual Training Mats, 1 Large 4-Pack Carry Case, 8 Manikin Faces, 8 Airways, 24 Manikin Wipes, and User Guide.
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  • MFN: 121-01050 / 121-03050

Packed weight:  19.5 kg (43 lb)

Dimensions packed: 77 cm x 64 cm x 51 cm 

H x W x D: 30 in x 25 in x 20 in

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Click here: QCPR training demostration 

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Light Skin
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Hygiene and cleaning procedures for CPR manikins
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The Airway is intended for single use and are non-cleanable.
It is to be disposed after one CPR class (training session), if mouth-to-mouth ventilation has been performed.
This is also recommended if the Laerdal Manikin Face Shield has been used during the CPR training.

Consumables for CPR manikins

Illustration: Little Anne

Face mask and Face connector
To keep the manikin clean and in a hygienic condition, it is recommended to use a separate Laerdal Manikin Face for every student. 

Manual Cleaning - during CPR class
If several students use one manikin face, thoroughly sanitize the manikin face after every use by using Manikin Wipes. This is also recommended if the Laerdal Manikin Face Shield has been used during the CPR training.
What is Manikin Wipe?

  1. Tear foil packet open - take out and unfold
  2. Rub manikin’s mouth and nose vigorously
  3. Wrap wipe snugly over mouth and nose
  4. Let stay in place for 30 seconds
  5. Dry manikin’s face with a clean paper towel or similar
  6. Ventilation practice may now continue

After CPR class
To keep the manikin clean and in a hygienic condition - clean all skin parts regularly, using one of the methods described below.
The parts can be cleaned by using manual processes (submerge item in water added cleaning detergent) or using an automatic cleaning process.

Manual Cleaning - after CPR class
Submerge for 20 minutes

For manual cleaning use one of the methods described below.

Soap solution

  1. Disassemble Face connector from the Face mask
  2. Submerge both parts in water at 60 - 70 ºC (140 - 158 ºF) which contains dish washing detergent for 20 minutes
  3. Thoroughly clean all surfaces using a brush as necessary
  4. Rinse all components in detergent-free water at 30 - 40 ºC (86 - 104 ºF)
  5. Dry the components thoroughly

Sodium Hypochlorite
The Face mask and Face connector can be cleaned by Sodium Hypochlorite Solution (NaClO).
Sodium hypochlorite in solution exhibits broad spectrum anti-microbial activity and is widely used in healthcare facilities in a variety of settings.

  1. Disassemble Face connector from Face mask
  2. Submerge both parts in 0.5 % solution of Sodium Hypochlorite Solution (NaClO) for 20 minutes
  3. Remove traces of NaClO by rinsing in warm tap water, 30 - 40 ºC (86 - 104 ºF), for at least 2 mins
  4. Dry the components thoroughly

Other chemicals to be used for manual cleaning
Some German companies have tested their products to be used for cleaning Laerdal Face Mask.
The Face Masks can be cleaned with the following chemicals without any degradation of the Product:

Chemicals from Bode Chemie:
Information about usage and Safety Data Sheets

  • Bacillol 30 Foam
  • Bacillol AF
  • Dismozon plus
  • Bomix plus
  • Kohrsolin extra
  • Korsolex basic

Chemicals from EW80 System:
Information about usage and Safety Data Sheets

  • EW80 des
  • EW80 clean

Automatic Cleaning - after CPR class
When using a washing machine use one of the methods described below.

Domestic Dishwasher

  1. Disassemble Face connector from Face mask
  2. Use ordinary diswashing detergent (e.g. tablet/powder)
  3. Both parts can be washed in a domestic dishwasher operating at 70°C (158 ºF)

Other Multi-Washer systems

Meiko, Germany, has tested cleaning of face masks in their Multi-Washer systems, Top Clean 60 and Top Clean M using different detergents. The face masks can be cleaned using this system with the following chemicals without any degradation of the product:

  • FR 80 (2g/L)
  • EW 80 MAT (1%)
  • Sekumatic (1%)


The Face mask and Face connector cannot be cleaned by Steam Autoclaving.
This cleaning method will harm the parts.

Chest skin
The Chest skin can be cleaned by soap and hot water.
Skins with AED Electrodes and Chest skin patch inside, is cleaned with a clean dry cloth only. Moisture could damage the unit.

Hard plastic parts
Outside of Back section, Rib plate, Head and Jaw with Valve holder can be cleaned by soap and hot water, Resusci Manikin Wipes, 60% isopropanol or 70% ethyl alcohol.

The Jacket and T-shirt can be cleaned by washing machine, at 40 °C (104 ºF).
The Baby Anne fabric body can be cleaned with a damp cloth only, using mild detergent if necessary. Users must take care not to expose the fabric body to excessive moisture, as this may penetrate the fabric and soak the manikin's stuffing.

QCPR Sensor and AED PC Board
The QCPR Sensor and AED PCB is cleaned with a clean dry cloth only. Moisture may damage the unit.

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