Laerdal Little Baby Manikin with QCPR feedback

Laerdal Little Baby Manikin with QCPR feedback

Laerdal Little Baby Manikin with QCPR feedback

Laerdal Baby Anne CPR Manikin provides effective infant CPR training without compromising realism or quality. This infant CPR manikin includes 1 Baby Anne manikin, 1 soft pack case, 1 airway, and directions for use.

  • Little Baby QCPR is a realistic and affordable manikin for pediatrics with objective feedback.  It improves training quality, learner engagement and classroom efficiency.
  • Realistic chest compressions and chest rise allow students to learn proper techniques
  • Durable construction allows unequaled long-term use
  • Head tilt/chin lift and jaw thrust allow students to practice the important technique of opening the airway
  • Realistic chest compliance means students can experience the proper technique required for chest compressions on infants
  • Foreign-body airway obstruction feature allows the release of a foreign-body obstruction to be practiced through back blows and chest-thrust techniques
  • Economical disposable airways for quick and easy clean up
  • Removable and reusable faces for convenient and affordable maintenance
  • Latex free
  • Includes: 1 Baby Anne Manikin, Soft Pack, 6 Airways, 10 Foreign Body Practice Objects, and Directions for Use.

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