The Complete Swimming Pool Reference

The Complete Swimming Pool Reference

The Complete Swimming Pool Reference, Second Edition is designed as a single, definitive reference on swimming pool safety and management, this text includes important chapters on first aid, lifeguards and pool maintenance, as well as a hot tub and spa section. This comprehensive book is a valuable resource for swimming pool managers and technicians, university and college instructors, municipal and semi-public pool operators, lifeguards, swim coaches and private pool owners.

Special Features:

  • Bigger and better 30 chapter edition.
  • Comprehensive coverage of water chemistry
  • Information on decking, pool finishes, fencing and lighting
  • First aid section, including implementation of your facility's emergency action plan
  • Legal aspects of pool management, including citations of specific lawsuits
  • Section on hot tub and spa safety, operation and maintenance
  • Detailed chapter on water parks, ponds and winterization

    UPDATED information in all chapters, including:

    Chapter 1: A Pool Primer: Basic Characteristics of Pools
    Chapter 2: Residential Pools
    Chapter 3: Traditional Public Pools
    Chapter 4: Circulation
    Chapter 5: Filtration
    Chapter 6: Design of Leisure Pool Filtration Systems (Contributing Author: Charles M. Neuman)
    Chapter 7: Improving Air Quality in Indoor Pools (Contributing Author: Richard C. Scott, AIA)
    Chapter 8: Disinfection and Alternative Sanitizers
    Chapter 9: Chlorination and Bromination
    Chapter 10: Superchlorination
    Chapter 11: pH and Water Balance
    Chapter 12: Water Testing
    Chapter 13: Chemical Adjustments and Pool Calculations
    Chapter 14: Pool Problems
    Chapter 15: Recreation Water Illnesses (RWI's) (Contributing Author: Michael J. Beach, U.S. Centers for Disease Control)
    Chapter 16: Hot Tubs and Spas
    Chapter 17: Water Parks (Contributing Author: P. J. Heath, Sea World, San Antonio, TX)
    Chapter 18: Winterizing
    Chapter 19: Fitting Water Gardens into Your Aquatic Profession

    NEW information on safety, supervision and risk management, including the following NEW chapters:

    Chapter 20: Re-Thinking Pool Signage
    Chapter 21: Diving and Other Headfirst Entries
    Chapter 22: Body, Hair, and Limb Entrapments
    Chapter 23: The Psychology of Lifeguarding
    Chapter 24: Preventive Lifeguarding
    Chapter 25: Practical Risk Management
    Chapter 26: Legal Liability and Risk Management (Contributing Author: Annie Clement, Ph.D., J.D.)
    Chapter 27: Emergency Actions Plans & Critical Incident Stress (Contributing Author: Shawn P. DeRosa, J.D.)
    Chapter 28: Routine Operations: Daily, Weekly, Monthly
    Chapter 29: Safe Handling of Pool Chemicals
    Chapter 30: Americans with Disabilities (ADA) (Contributing Author: John McGovern, J.D.)

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