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Men's Lifeguard Uniform Swimsuits

We began producing our own made in the USA men’s lifeguard swimsuits in 1989, and they were an instant hit. You can trust that Water Safety Products men’s lifeguard shorts will outlast any other. They are made to perform.  All our conservative and timeless suits have no logos, leaving you a clean slate for customization.

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Men's Lifeguard Board Short

SKU: 922

Price: $29.75

Quantity Pricing:

13-60$26.50$3.25 Off
61-120$24.50$5.25 Off
121+$22.50$7.25 Off

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Men's Lifeguard Pro Short

SKU: 916

Price: $19.75

Quantity Pricing:

13-60$18.50$1.25 Off
61-120$17.50$2.25 Off
121+$16.50$3.25 Off

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Men's Stretch Lifeguard Boardshort

SKU: 928

Price: $38.50

Quantity Pricing:

13-60$35.50$3.00 Off
61-120$31.50$7.00 Off
121+$27.50$11.00 Off

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Men's Leadership Walk/Swim Stretch Short

SKU: 929

Price: $39.75

Quantity Pricing:

13-60$36.50$3.25 Off
61-120$32.50$7.25 Off
121+$29.00$10.75 Off